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New York, United States
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80's music, ace young, aj mclean, angel, anne hathaway, anthony stewart head, backstreet boys, beaches, being human, ben barnes, billy idol, blue, brandon lee, broadway shows, brokeback mountain, buffalo sabres, buffy the vampire slayer, carribean, castles, cats, chatting, chocolate, chris pine, cillian murphy, clubbing, concerts, dancing, david cook, david duchovny, david krumholtz, diamonds, disney, disney world, dolphins, donnie darko, ewan mcgregor, fairies, fairy tales, flirting, flogging molly, florida, food, game of thrones, glitter, golden girls, gwen stefani, hair dye, halloween, harry potter, heath ledger, hockey, horror movies, hot tubs, ian somerhalder, ireland, italy, jake gyllenhaal, james marsden, james marsters, john mayer, johnny depp, jon snow, julia roberts, kittens, legolas, lestat, lord of the rings, mardi gras, maroon 5, matthew lillard, maxim afinogenov, men, merlin, michael jackson, moulin rouge, music, my little pony, neil haskell, nick carter, orlando bloom, oz, palm trees, pan's labryinth, partying, paul walker, peircings, peter pan, pink, pirates, pirates of the carribean, queen of the damned, queer as folk, rachel mccadams, red, robb stark, robin hood, rocky horror, roseanne, royalty, ryan gosling, salem, sand, sex, shopping, simpsons, singing, sleeping, sleepy hollow, south park, summer, sun, tattoos, tetris, the 4400, the crow, the history channel, the sims, the vampire chronicles, the vampire lestat, the weather channel, thomas dekker, thongs, thunder storms, tinkerbell, transiberian orchestra, tristan+isolde, vampire diaries, vampires, video games, weather, wicked, x-files, zac efron
Before anything else, if you see something on my journal like graphics or icons or something that you've made and i don't have you credited, let me know! because sometimes i get really excited about things and just save them to my computer, without the person's username. but definatly let me know if you see anything of yours around here and i didn't credit, because i really want to credit everyone for the work they've done!

Well I'm a wife and mother now...stay at home mom for now which i'm really enjoying! I still love my fandom and shows..even if i don't get to watch them right away! my life is crazy and i talk about my crazy family, my crazy cats, and of course fandom and tv shows.

sometimes i have a mouth like a sailor so if you don't like swearing, i suggest you turn back now.

jeremy_gilbert GO JOIN!! if you love Jeremy or Steven on The Vampire Diaries, go join! anything related to him is encouraged!!


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Date Created:2001-03-23
Number of Posts: 1,797

Movies, music, reading, dancing, and going to hockey games are my favorite things to do.
Strengths: Good sense of humor, outgoing, outspoken, open-minded,
Weaknesses: quick temper, easily annoyed, hates repetitiveness
Special Skills: dancing, reading, making people laugh,
Weapons: long hair,long nails, legs(i played soccer, did gymnastics, and dance for years....)
Favorites: Movies: Tristan+Isolde, Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 10 Things I Hate About You, <>Artists/Bands: Backstreet Boys, TOOL, Maroon 5, Common Rotation, Ace Young, Pink, Shakira

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